Debt collection

We will collect all your debts fast and in compliance with the law. Each order is considered individually.

However, you should remember that the more overdue the case is the less is the effectiveness of debt recovery. Then we encourage you to pass the case just after the deadline of payment expires. Effectiveness of debt collection within first 3 months reaches up to 90% and then it falls radically.

Debt collection by order of client includes mainly prejudicial proceedings stage. Each order is passed to vindication and initially verified by our team of specialists. Verification does not oblige to sign any contract and is completely free.

Our initial actions are conducted in conciliatory way (in a client prefers other solutions we comply with his request). In order to emphasize high effectiveness we enhance our field work, without which debt management would not be complete. Personal contacts have even greater influence on payments hierarchy permutation. However, it is not interrupted as the case is submitted to judicial proceedings. Independently on the stage of proceedings we continue to negotiate with your debtors and conduct operations so as to collect information about debtors’ property that can be executed during executive proceedings. After completing judicial proceedings our vindicatory activity is directed to assistance with debt execution. On the basis of decree absolute we pass the information about debtor’s property to the executive unit and participate in appropriation of the property by possible placing it on probation up to the participation in the auction. All the operations mentioned above are performed in a way ensuring that a good image or sales policy of our clients were not destroyed. 


Debt Execution Information Service - Debt Exchange

Our Debt Exchange - Debt Execution Information Service - is another method of selling debts.

Debt Execution Information Service is a complex service created mainly to make the information about unreliable contractors public and as a result, to protect other subjects against risky economical contact with a given debtor.

Debt Exchange is one of the elements of DEIS (Debt Execution Information Service). Issuing debtor’s data in our Exchange enables, for instance, sale of debts on a basis of cession contract. All the Internet users have got an unlimited access to the Exchange. Apart from that, it is being monitored by banks, leasing and insurance companies or other companies connected with a defined branch. As a consequence, being entered to our Exchange means that the debtor is not able to function normally on the market and may be given a notice of granted buyer or bank credits.