WSI Poland Company specializes in accounts receivable dealing. We help to decrease amount of bad accounts receivable in your wallet by using wide range of legal ways of vindication. We work and collaborate with companies, agents and vindicators from all over the country but also from all over the Europe.

Our offer involves a range of services. That is the reason why we are able to choose the most suitable, individual solution for each situation submitted to us by our client. In order to prevent from appearing difficult accounts receivable or at least decrease amount of them we propose preventive solutions like verification of any potential contractor, use of preventive seal or payments monitoring. In the case of due date infringement we recommend stricte vindicatory course of action and use of legal actions of debt recovery, gaining provisional executions or even debt enforcement proceedings. We always work in accordance with legal regulations that are in force in our country. We never avoid difficult situations as well. We undertake actions even if other companies occurred to be ineffective.

We offer efficacious services in competitive prices.